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Series 863
Sch 40 ID Controlled
Weld-On (A53B)

ID Control Weld-On Transition Fitting

Description - The Poly-Cam ID-Controlled Weld-End is designed to provide a smooth interior
transition between the steel pipe and the polyethylene pipe. The joint between the steel
fitting and the polyethylene pipe is accomplished with angle barb system with a compression
ring supporting the joint. The angle barb system provides the sealing joint between the steel
materialand the polyethylene pipe. The interior portion of the joint contains no sharp edges in
which pigs can be hung up. The weld-end is coated with an epoxy coating. The compression
ring is constructed out of carbon steel material. The compression ring is coated with an
epoxy coated material. Stainless steel compression rings are optional.

The Poly-Cam ID Controlled Weld-End is a custom design fitting allowing the end user to
transition from one specific type steel materials to a specific type of polyethylene pipe.

Tested and complies to ASTM D2513, ASTM 1973-05, D1599, D1598

Steel Material Options:

• A53B
• 304 Stainless Steel
• 316 Stainless Steel

Polyethylene Pipe Options:
• PE 3408 ASTM F-714
• PE 3408 ASTM 2513 Gas Pipe
• PE 2406
• PE 4710

Additional options are available.
Epoxy Coated Material:
• Color HB, Red Oxide, IF1947T